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▲▲▲ GNOSIS ▲▲▲

Mystic Bazaar in collaboration with The Softer Image and Wet Silk Presents:

                                  ▲▲▲ GNOSIS ▲▲▲

Gnosis, the feminine Greek noun which means "knowledge" is a collective dream inspired by the archetype of the High Priestess, the oracle and the keeper of knowledge who sits at the gate before the great Mystery: between the worlds, the darkness and the light, the guardian of the unconscious and the conscious; a mediator of the passage into the depth of reality. Cross the threshold and step into her temple. Together, we will explore the themes of higher knowledge, sacred truth, spiritual awakening, universal mysteries and the development of the universal intuitive mind.

@The Vortex

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Earlier Event: December 16
Later Event: October 19
Mystic Bazaar - Desert Daze 2018