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Magic School

Mystic Bazaar's Magic School is a curated series of classes, knowledge shares, and workshops to help you tap into your super powers, develop your innate abilities and meet kindred spirits while bringing magic into your every day life. Led by an array of fantastic healers every Thursday evening in June.

6/7 - The Healing Art of Emotional Alchemy w/ Kwonyin
Emotional alchemy is the process of transforming emotional blocks into gold: insight, clarity, and freedom. In this class, we will gather in a circle for experiential meditation and sharing as Kwonyin teaches us how to dive into and traverse the inner emotional landscape to uncover the deeper meaning of emotional irritants and reveal each individual's iridescent pearl of Truth.  ( @kwonyin )

6/14 - Parting the Veil: Opening to Channel w/ Madre Jaguar
We are spiritual beings having a human experience and we all have a spiritual support system from the moment we are born to help guide and assist us: angels, spirit guides, animal totems, ancestors, etc. When we learn how to connect to this support system, our lives flow with ease and our journey becomes more fulfilling and successful. In this class, you will learn techniques to help you gain a state of relaxation and concentration, how to get into a trance state to meet, connect and channel your Higher Self, Spirit Guides and other high vibrational Spirit Allies. We will also discuss how to tune into the life force energy of plants and crystals as preparation for channeling. Channeling is a skill that everyone can learn! (

6/21 - Astrology and Finding Your Soul Path w/ Cody Catrin Astrology and Finding Your Soul Path: The stars have been guiding us and encouraging our growth since the beginning of time. In this class we will connect to the truth of your soul and where it wants to grow in this lifetime through learning about astrological placements in your chart. We will be focusing on north node, Chiron, part of fortune as well as stelliums or heavy houses and how they tell a story or create themes in your life.  Please bring a phone or a paper copy of your natal chart. (@Codychannel)

6/28 - The Fool's Journey: A Full Immersion Tarot Experience w/ Christine Aprile
Dive into the world of the tarot by way of the Fool's Journey through the Major Arcana.  The first hour is spent accompanying the Fool on his journey from birth to actualization, with an in depth look into the rich symbolism of the Major Arcana. In the 2nd hour, we will embody the Fool by leaping head first into group readings using the Major Arcana only. Students will do group 3 card spreads for one another and collectively experience the art of reading the tarot. We'll be focusing on the Rider Waite deck, but students are welcome to bring any additional tarot they wish. This class is excellent for beginners and readers with some experience. We will be supporting one another and sharing our insights into the cards, so be prepared to share your energy and bring an open mind and heart to class. (@receptive.tarot)

Invest in yourself and commit to your well-being! $80 Energy Exchange for all 4 sessions. More info here.


Earlier Event: February 15
The Moon Lodge